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Global Professional Service Provider of Color Box

Good Printing was established in 2003 with a registered capital of RMB 30 million. 

It is a member of the Shenzhen Printing Association. 

We regard talents as the company's first asset and practice the strategy of “strengthening the enterprise with talents”. 

We serve the world's top 500 high-end brand companies, from ordinary printing to high-end special UV printing, eco-printing, variable data printing,variable QR code/invisible code printing and drug electronic supervision code printing.
We’ve successfully implemented anti-counterfeit data management, anti-counterfeit packaging, anti-counterfeit products, anti-channel conflict systems, product traceability systems, R&D of anti-counterfeiting technology for hidden information, and “one code for one product” technology, so that “the world has no untraceable products".

Good Printing has consistently met our customers' needs for creative packaging designs, graphic designs, structural designs, plate making, printing, and logistics. 

It has a high-tech zone standard production plant of 20,000 square meters and has been awarded the "National Industrial Product Production License" for food-grade packaging. 

We have set up various laboratories for product quality and safety testing. Our business specializes in home appliances and electronics packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, boutique gift boxes, gold and silver cards cases, transparent plastic boxes, medical and pharmaceutical packaging, anti-counterfeit packaging, traceable packaging, anti-channel conflict packaging, anti-counterfeit packaging with hidden information, anti-counterfeit data packaging, smart technology packaging, 3D printing, special shock-proof packaging, logo stickers, paper bags, booklets, KT billboards and others.

We are consistently striving to incorporate smart technology into every step of our manufacturing process. We utilize German Roland heightening folio 8+1 UV printing machine, German Roland 1.62 meters 6-color full-open printing machine, German Heidelberg folio/German Roland folio printing machine and a full-rotation 6+1 sticker machine. We have also incorporated high-end robot positioning technology to automate our production line for boutique boxes and handbags. 

We also utilize the equipment that automates the package sealing line process and the technology of variable data coding, full-automatic UV, laminating, paper mounting, bronzing, mold cutting, sticking boxes and other high-end automatic equipment which has a combined value of over 100 million RMB.

Good Printing practices customer-centric business policies and we set goals to achieve these policies. With its professional, standardized, systematic, and data-based management, Good Printing is effectively improving the efficiency of its modern enterprise management and production line. 

Based on the service concept of "high quality, high efficiency, and excellent service", Good Printing adheres to continuous innovation and development, creating value for customers and opportunities for employees.

Relying on its advanced equipment, innovative ideas, superb technology, high-quality service and professional team who love printing, Good Printing has won high market visibility and a stellar reputation. 

Good Printing also strictly follows the standard of lSO9001/lSO14001/OHSAS18001/QS/G7/FSSC22000/FSC and other international operation standards.

We pursue ultimate security and perfection to make our customers feel assured!