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Specialized one-stop service


With the combination of market development, quality follow-up, customer service and other departments, the implementation of business project management, dedicated documentation to provide customers with convenient and efficient services, so as to achieve fast, flexible, timely and thoughtful.

Our company provides one-stop purchasing service for customers with a series of high-grade packaging color boxes, cosmetics boxes, high-grade gift boxes, gold and silver card boxes, transparent PET plastic boxes, self-adhesive, handbags, brochures, cartons, plastic suction and other products.

Staff training and management


Continuous training of personnel, tapping potential, strict implementation of the quality system, to provide customers with high quality requirements to ensure satisfaction.

Division of labor and cooperation to support an efficient team


Product design, pre-press proofing, material selection, process planning and so on, our division of labor and cooperation to provide customers with the most competitive cost control.